Sunglasses – so much more than just a fashion accessory!

Sunglasses have always been the go-to accessory for summer fun. Whether you’re enjoying a garden party or relaxing on the beach abroad, they’re the perfect addition to any outfit. There are so many stylish designer sunglasses for men and women to choose from in this day and age, so you can always look your best when heading out into the sunshine.

However, sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory – they are your best line of defence against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Let’s look at why you should be reaching for sunglasses before heading out the door.

Protection from UV rays

Everyone knows how the sun can affect your skin – more than a few of us have experienced sunburn in our time! But what about your eyes? Sunglasses with UV protection are essential to block ultraviolet radiation from damaging your eyes. There are 3 types of UV rays – UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC doesn’t reach our eyes as it is deflected by the Earth’s Ozone layer, however UVA and UVB can.

UVA can penetrate your eyes if they are exposed to the sun and reach the retina at the back. Without sunglasses with UV protection, UVA rays can slowly cause more and more irreversible damage, leaving you at an increased risk of developing serious eye conditions cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

UVB has a short wavelength so can reach the cornea on the surface of your eyes. If you sit without eye protection and it’s a particularly bright day with intense sunlight, UVB exposure can cause a short-term, painful condition called photokeratitis which can be likened to sunburn of the eyes.

UV rays can also affect the delicate skin around your eyes, and without sunglasses to cover these areas, you could be more prone to eventually developing skin cancer too.

Children need sunglasses too

This isn’t just the case for adults, in fact, children’s eyes are more susceptible to UV damage as their natural lens is clearer, allowing more UV rays to pass through it. The effects are irreversible, so it’s equally as important to ensure your child’s eyes are adequately protected by sunglasses too as early on in their life as possible if you know they’ll be out enjoying sunny days.

Choosing sunglasses for UV protection

All our sunglasses come with 100% UV protection and in a variety of shapes and colours to suit all tastes. We strongly advise the wraparound style as these offer the most coverage from all angles to prevent sunlight from reaching your eyes, especially for kids.

They can also be made up to your prescription, or you can wear them as they are, with a range of different lens tints we can recommend depending on what you would like to use your sunglasses for.

You’ll also have the option to make them polarised too, which eliminates glare from reflections off flat surfaces like roads, water, and snow that results from bright sunlight, meaning you’ll squint less, have improved clarity of vision and contrast, and less eye strain.

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Sunglasses – so much more than just a fashion accessory!

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