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Sarah Jack (Aaron’s mummy)”

“Since having a Schoolvision Assessment and getting his new tinted glasses, Aaron’s confidence has grown immensely.

I didn't realise that the words moved on the page for him and thought he was trying to avoid reading and completing his homework. Homework used to be fraught with tears and frustration but now he reads confidently and more speedily. He completes his homework with minimal help and is starting to read books independently...for FUN!!!

The tinted glasses have never been a problem in class.... pupils seem to accept them. The colour is so subtle that it doesn't seem to be noticeable for other children.

Thank you to all the Eglington eyecare team for all their help and making this process easy for us. My only wish is I had sought their help sooner to make life a little easier!"

Kathy Reilly

I have been a client of Eglinton Eye Care for two & a half years. When I first contacted Eglinton eye care for an appointment I was very nervous. I had a very unpleasant experience with a previous eye care provider. I need not have worried. The staff immediately put me at ease & reassured me.

My first appointment was with the Optician & owner Jean Kelly. Jean’s standard of care was of the highest calibre, showing kindness, understanding & patience, whilst being professional & very knowledgeable in her field. I had complete confidence in her. Jean, Claire, Charlene, Cheryl & Gemma always go that extra mile to ensure my needs are catered for to the highest standard.

The team also organise style events frequently. These prove to be very sociable & very enjoyable with light refreshments provided also. These events keep us up to date with the latest spectacle s fashion. The girls are so helpful & knowledgeable in helping me choose a style suitable for my eye care, yet fashionable also.

I have been attending eye care providers since a young child. Eglinton Eyecare really stand out from the rest because of their warmth, compassion & in-depth knowledge of their field.

I am very fortunate & delighted to be under the care of such a dedicated, committed and caring team.

Thank you for delivering such a high-quality standard of care.

Carolyn McHugh

I would like to take the time to express the sincere gratitude for the exceptionally high standards of customer care following my visit to Eglinton Eyecare with my son on 9th January.


It was through personal recommendation that I decided to take my son, Tom, aged 7, to Eglinton Eyecare.  It was very convenient for me living in the centre of the village so when I rang to make the appointment I was greeted with a very friendly and helpful lady called Cheryl and I was comfortable to make enough enquiries to be able to decide to make an appointment.


Tom, always reluctant to visit the opticians prior to this, was keen to try a ‘new place’. Tom and I were greeted by Charlene in a lovely, friendly and personal manner.  What I liked best of all is that she took time and spoke to Tom, after all the appointment was all about him! She asked how he was and if he had a good Christmas and she ensured he was very well looked after as I answered some initial questions.

Tom was called in for his appointment and again it was the high standards of customer care that made me feel very relaxed and comfortable for the duration of the eye examination.  The Optometrist explained to Tom exactly what was happening at each stage of the examination and it was clear he was much happier that he had been at other opticians.  Following the examination we were efficiently handed back to Charlene and Tom was allowed to pick his new frames for his glasses.  Again Charlene was brilliant with him, asking him his opinion and empowering him to pick his pair while discreetly keeping an eye on what Mum liked! The whole experience was a pleasure.


When Toms glasses were ready I got his Dad to take him to collect them as I had told him how impressed I was with the standards of customer care.  Upon return Tom burst through the door with his lovely new glasses claiming that ‘Ton’ one of the Eglinton Eyecare Bears had brought out his new glasses to him- a very personal touch for a little boy. My husband was in complete agreement with me regarding how well you are looked after in Eglinton Eyecare.  I have now made appointments for my two daughters and I look forward to going myself.


I feel having had many experiences of satisfactory or plain basic standards of customer care it is clear that the staff at Eglinton Eyecare stand out head and shoulders above the rest.  I commend them for the manner in which they look after their customers and would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to go to them for optical care.

Ashley Kerr

If you want glasses then go to the best!

This will be the 4th time I have been to Eglinton Eyecare. As before and always I have witnessed excellent service from Jean and her fabulous team. With an extremely professional but welcoming environment you feel immediately at ease when you enter the practice. From their original, very smart looking uniforms to the extremely warm smiles you receive, first impressions are everything. Every visit I am made to feel like part of the Eglinton Eyecare family, without fail I am offered tea or coffee while I wait to be seen which is never long. Customers go through a specific consultation process which is suited to that individual and yet they have a very relaxed way of doing this so as to make the customer feel at ease. As a rep I see and hear regularly that customers want time to look at the enormous selection of frames in their own time with no sales pressure. That’s exactly what the girls at Eglinton allow for, prior to your appointment there is some time to look at frames and after the eye test the staff are then on hand for some excellent advice to help assist you in your decision.

During the eye test Customers have told me they felt very relaxed and were made to feel totally at ease, with the odd bit of banter.

Now for the good bit, choosing the frames and lens type. There is no contest as customers get an opportunity to choose the best of the best with their help.

In addition, to all of the above the team go absolutely out of their way when it comes to events. Out of all the practices I visit across Ireland Eglinton are without doubt the best at this. The marketing and meticulous planning that go in to all their events is above and beyond. Between Jean’s ideas, Charlene’s marketing and Claire’s management it’s a perfect fit. Furthermore, underneath it all they genuinely care and regularly participate in events for charity such as Tiny Life. With a heavy involvement in the local community this practice and team are known across the province for their professionalism and skill.

Arthur Scott

Dear Jean,

I am writing to thank you and all of the team at Eglinton Eyecare for the professional standard of service provided to the family and me.

The eye test involving photographing the condition of the eyes and your explanation of the process and detailed assessment of the short and potential long term effects was very reassuring. It demonstrates your professional knowledge, concern and commitment to me as a patient. It was very informative and made me feel valued even before there was any discussion about frames or lenses.

I was also very impressed at your patience in allowing me to consider the different lenses during the “better or worse” part of the diagnosis. All too often I have experienced practices who rush this aspect and I invariably feel pressurised to make a choice, even the wrong one, to keep the testing line moving. Taking care at this stage shows the value you place on getting it right for your patients.

In selecting frames the team were happy to show me the range and let me decide.  Advice was available when I asked for it but the choice was mine. The fitting and ordering processes were executed well and I was very clear about the price, delivery time and follow up services.

Eglinton Eyecare is best summarised as a practice where professional advice and help and meeting customer expectations are the guiding principles in consistently delivering excellent service. I look forward to returning to your practice for future eye exams, even though you are situated 70 miles away – it is certainly worth the trip!

JD Murphy Dec 2015

Schoolvision Testimonial – Amelia Murphy:
My daughter displayed noticeable educational issues in December 2014. We employed a tutor who spent 4 months working with Amelia. An Educational Psychologist, recommended by the Northern Ireland Dyslexia Society, conducted an extensive assessment of Amelia’s abilities and gave us a formal diagnosis of Dyslexia in June 2015.

The NID Centre recommended a number of Opticians, including Eglinton Eyecare. The initial consultation by Jean Kelly and her staff was superb. I have been delighted with the professionalism and personal service we have received from this highly competent team. The School Vision process was clearly explained and patiently carried out. Jean identified a visual issue and the prescription was promptly ordered and glasses delivered.
Once Amelia was in possession of her tinted glasses, her improvement in concentration and reading ability was quite frankly remarkable. Amelia’s attitude to her dyslexia started to change as her confidence grew. In addition, my wife and I noticed real improvements in her reading fluency when tackling homework and books at bedtime!
Within a few months Amelia was sitting in the top English and Maths groups and has not required any SEN support from the school. A complete transformation when compared with a bottom third finish in English a few months earlier!

Jean and her team have certainly provided Amelia with the tools to tackle this impediment and help her work her way back on an educational perspective, and not just on one occasion. We have seen Jean’s Team 3 times in 7 months, to help monitor her progress, repair glasses and to make amendments to her prescriptions. We feel they are in our corner and not just another professional service. Too use an analogy, if Jean’s Team where Amelia’s dentist they would not only review her every six months; they’d phone every month to check she’s brushing her teeth and using the right brush!!

Would I recommend Eglinton Eyecare? Unreservedly!

K Devine, April 2015

“After getting my first glasses, I am very pleased with the service I have received. The staff are extremely attentive, I will definitely be back and will most certainly recommend you to others.”

G Doherty, Feb 2015

“Your customer service is excellent; all staff are so welcoming and friendly, something I don’t find too often nowadays. You put customers at ease and are a pleasure to visit. Thank-you.”

M Temple, Nov 2014

“Excellent Service with a very friendly atmosphere…very professional all round. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

F Deery, Oct 2014

“Endless patience and excellent expertise. Very satisfied with the service I experienced and the value for money for my glasses.”