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S Carlin, Oct 2014:

“Eglinton Eyecare provided me with a very professional service and their range and quality of glasses is excellent, something I didn’t quite expect to find in a small community opticians.”

VP, July 2014

“……At Eglinton Eyecare I’ve always been given me the best care and attention, price isn’t everything, service is…..”

Mrs L Blair, Principal Eglinton Primary School

“Our Year 4 children enjoy a very informative presentation – carefully researched and very relevant to their age and stage, about the components and workings of the eye.

Children enjoy the opportunity to participate in the many Competitions organised by Eglinton Eyecare and Parents and children feel very special at the ‘Award Ceremonies’ following.
Parents and Grandparents love viewing the childrens’ work displayed in the Waiting area and of course this does much to raise the profile of Eglinton Primary School.

Because of the relationship and rapport developed with the children and the regular opportunities they have to visit to leave off Competition entries, children are not anxious or distressed when they visit as a patient. Recently a staff member met with School to discuss and explore coloured overlays, a tool to support children struggling with reading because of dyslexia difficulties. How reassuring it was to hear about the planned professional development for a number of key staff within Eglinton Eyecare and that staff were proactive in meeting with teachers to identify the needs of our children. We were able to discuss also the impact of changes to the teaching of reading and the implications when testing younger patients using a letter board. “

DL, Dec 2013

“……I am always very aware of the feeling of ownership and pride for Eglinton Eyecare that comes from the rest of the team and the encouragement Jean gives them to be involved fully in the business.
On a personal note as a patient I was made to feel valued and appreciated. From the welcome at the door to the time spent listening to my needs I was treated professionally and warmly as an individual rather than as a number…….”

MM Nov. 2013

“……I cannot say enough about the staff in Eglinton Eyecare, they treat my son with great respect, and explain everything to him.

Cheryl always has a smile and pleasant greeting for us and makes what could be a very difficult visit for a child with Autism (and his Mum) into a very pleasurable visit.

Parents of children with Autism find it very difficult to visit lots of place but I have always had a pleasurable experience due the staff and never dread this visit. I just wish every store/shop/opticians had the same attitude as Cheryl and the rest of the staff as it would make life so much easier for parents and children…………”

FM, Feb 2014

“……I personally have to thank Jean for the care she took with my eldest daughter who’s been attending Altnagelvin Hospital with a squint. She was transferred from the care of the hospital to our own optician, which was Jean. On her first assessment, Jean discovered a worrying condition. Because of Jean’s outstanding knowledge and skills my daughter is receiving continuing care from a specialist in Altnagelvin.
I do not want to think what would have happened my daughter’s eye sight if Jean had not discovered this condition, which is rare in children. I cannot recommend Jean highly enough and again I thank her for her continued care of my family’s eye sight………”

CB, May 2012

“…….Overall I am very happy with everything about Eglinton Eyecare. It has friendly staff, offers a professional service; it is convenient and has a range of opening hours. They are aware that they are part of the community, not just a business, and are keen to support other organisations and educate the local children. I would recommend them to anyone…….”

AS, Feb 2013

“……Eglinton Eyecare is best summarised as a practice where professional advice and help and meeting customer expectations are the guiding principles in consistently delivering excellent service…..”

DM, Aug 2013

“…….Just a quick email to thank your for the recent care and attention given by the Team at Eglinton. As this was my 1st but certainly not the last appointment for eyecare with yourselves I came with the preconceived “should have gone to “conveyor belt inspection with 2 pairs of glasses. How wrong was I?
A process was laid out, which I understood, followed by a thorough and fully explained examination without time limitation. Not once was I rushed or made to feel my time allotted slot had ended…….”