Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Why should I wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses are a fantastic alternative to wearing glasses and, for most people, are so comfortable that you can completely forget you’re wearing them. It’s liberating to have the option of not wearing your glasses, whether for a special occasion, for playing sports or for full time, every day wear. Contact lenses allow you to have all-round vision, the freedom to be active and a new lease of life. There are many different types of both hard and soft contact lenses, including daily disposables, 2-weekly disposables, monthly disposables, annual lenses, lenses to correct astigmatism and multifocals. Our Optometrist will recommend the most suitable lenses to suit your vision and lifestyle.

Contact lenses, your invisible glasses!

When you wear contact lenses they move with your eyes to give you a full field of focused vision in all directions. If you currently wear glasses and try contact lenses with us, seeing clearly will never be the same again:

  • You don’t get the reflections and distortions you can experience with glasses.
  • They won’t get splashed when it rains, giving you clearer vision whatever the weather.
  • They don’t steam up when you walk into a warm room.

Feeling free and light

Contact lenses give you the freedom of movement you need to lead an active lifestyle.

  • Lenses are lighter and don’t get in the way like glasses sometimes can.
  • As they ‘float’ on your tear film, they don’t pinch your nose, leave red marks on your nose or rub against your ears.
  • When you walk, run, work out etc. they won’t bounce up and down or slip off.
  • They don’t interfere with your headgear for active sports.
  • Once they’re in you can relax, you can’t lose or break them.

A new you

Contact lenses can really bring out a new ‘you’, a new image coupled with new self-confidence.

  • They bring you back to the natural you, a look that glasses can never achieve.
  • No need for prescription sunglasses, enjoy fashionable off-the-shelf non-prescription sunnies.
  • Enjoy letting everyone see your eyes (and your make-up) without your eyes looking bigger or smaller, as they can do with glasses on.

Who can wear contact lenses?