Contact Lenses

Types of Contact Lenses

At Eglinton Eyecare we can offer you huge array of contact lenses; we’ve given you a brief overview below, but really the best person to ask is our Optometrist, so why not book an appointment now!

Daily Disposables
  • The ultimate in convenience and comfort.
  • No need to clean – enjoy a fresh new pair of contact lenses every day.
  • An ideal option if you have a busy or active lifestyle, play sports.
  • Can be used for both daily and occasional wear.
Extended Wear
  • Specially designed to be worn safely and comfortably for several days and nights, enabling you to keep them in when you are asleep.
  • Requires more regular aftercare, as the more you wear your lenses the higher the risk of complications with them.
  • Made of a special material which allows significantly more oxygen to pass through to your eyes, so that they stay healthy and feel fresh.
  • Prescribed to correct astigmatism, providing providing clearer vision than standard lenses all day long.
  • Disposable – available in daily, two-weekly or monthly disposable..

  • Offer the convenience of seeing at all distances without the hassle of glasses for those who need a prescription for both near and far.
  • An option if you only wear glasses for reading.
  • Available in daily and monthly disposable lenses.
Hard or RGP Contacts

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses or “Hard lenses” can provide better vision than soft contact lenses for some patients. They are particularly good for people with high levels of astigmatism.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Ever thought of changing your eye colour? Coloured contact lenses not only change the colour of your eyes, but can also correct your vision (depending on your prescription). Some coloured lenses have an opaque tint to completely change your eye colour, and others are designed to enhance your natural eye colour.

Although coloured contact lenses may not be worn every day, they require the same consultation and aftercare schedule as non-coloured contact lenses. Your suitability and vision levels need to be assessed with coloured contact lenses just as they would with normal contact lenses

Order a FREE TRIAL of the newest contact lenses available

Contact lenses are constantly evolving, with new materials and designs making them more comfortable than ever. Even if you enquired about or tried contact lenses some time ago and didn’t succeed with wearing them, there may now be a much better lens option available to suit you.

We can supply you with the newest and best contact lenses available, so contact us today to arrange for your FREE trial.