Eye Health

Eye Conditions

If you look after your eyes, they should give you a lifetime’s service, but sometimes they can be affected by conditions you were born with or which develop as you grow older.

You can keep your eyes healthy by not smoking, eating lots of green, leafy vegetables and brightly coloured fruit and veg and protecting them from UV exposure by wearing sunglasses and sun-hats.

Eye problems can occur at any time, but you’re more likely to develop eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataract if you’re over-40. And your risk of developing these eye conditions is higher if there is a history of such eye-disorders in your family.

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The damage caused by many eye conditions can’t be reversed, but early diagnosis and treatment can help ensure that the long-term effects to your vision are kept to a minimum, preserving your sight for longer. It’s for this reason that we recommend regular eye examinations for everyone – at least every two years.

When we examine your eyes we’ll offer you retinal photography. This is an advanced screening test for eye diseases, enabling us to take and save digital images of the inside lining of your eyes. By comparing these images of your eyes every time you have an examination at Eglinton Eyecare, we’re able to detect subtle changes in the health of your eyes at a much earlier stage.

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