Our purpose is ‘to improve the quality of life of those in our community’

As part of this promise we make sure that your eye examination takes place at a time that suits you in our comfortable and easy to access surroundings.

When you visit us for your eye examination we’ll ensure that you’re given as much time as is required before, during and after your consultation. We’ve carefully considered every stage of the journey you will go through when coming to our practice for an eye examination, so you can be sure that we give you the utmost care and attention and leave “no stone unturned” in looking after your eyes.

Regular eye examinations with us ensures your most precious sense, your sight, is looked after both now and in the future!

As soon as you arrive at our practice a member of our team will welcome you and answer any questions you have about your visit. You will have a thorough eye examination and then receive our professional advice concerning the best glasses and lenses for your eyesight.

We’ll also give expert recommendations on additional services which we offer, including Schoolvision Assessments, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, Adidas Sports Performance Sunglasses, contact lenses, our Corporate Eyecare Scheme, safety eyewear and much more.