Glasses General

Glasses General

At Eglinton Eyecare, we help you to enjoy the experience of choosing new glasses. We have hundreds of pairs in the practice for adults and children alike, all hand chosen to suit your needs and your pocket. Of course, if you want something we don’t have……we’ll do our very best to get it for you!

We introduce new glasses models every month, ensuring that the selection you see when you visit the practice is always changing and up to date. Our collection is unique, and it’s nice for you to know that we rarely sell the same model twice.

Choosing your glasses isn’t just about picking a ‘nice’ frame. We believe that it’s vital to match the right frame to the right personality. Our fully trained team are always on hand to guide you in the best direction, taking into consideration your lifestyle requirements, prescription needs and of course fashion. By considering your facial features, personal style and how you wear your glasses we are always here to ensure you pick the PERFECT pair of glasses!

Choosing New Glasses!

For some people, choosing a new pair of glasses can be a tough choice. And we know that when you’re trying on new glasses it’s not always possible to see clearly. With our recent investment in new technology we can now effortlessly and quickly take as many photos as you need in different glasses to help you “see for yourself” what the glasses look like, helping you to make the right choice. Your glasses are the first thing that anyone will see when they meet you, so we’re on hand to help you to get it right.

Choosing glasses is a great time to try out Contact Lenses – our Optometrists will be only too pleased to pop in a pair for you whilst you choose your glasses, making your choice of frame that little bit easier!

We believe that our prices should be completely clear, so we include the cost of single vision lenses in the price we quote to help make the whole process as simple as possible!

With our fantastic Eyeplan Scheme you’ll save at least 30% on your new glasses, helping you to enjoy wearing the very best glasses whilst getting the ultimate value for money!