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Safety Eyewear

Look After Your Eyes – you only get one pair!

We continually reinforce the importance of looking after your eyes – after all we only get one pair for life! We supply safety eyewear to lots of local business, with ranges including Bolle Eyewear and Caterpillar Safety Eyewear. Wearing safety glasses is standard procedure in many workplaces, but remember how important it is to use safety eyewear in your leisure time also. Prevention is always better than cure!

Maybe you’re a keen DIY enthusiast, or even enjoy a bit of gardening… Gardening and DIY injuries are common, such as a branch springing back and striking your eye, or a small splinter coming off the strimmer into your eye, or, even worse, a shard of metal flying into your eye when you’re grinding / drilling / hammering. These potentially blinding eye injuries could be avoided with safety eyewear.

Bolle and Caterpillar Safety Glasses

Our Bolle Safety Eyewear and Caterpillar Safety Eyewear ranges conform to British Standards for safety, and are also stylish, comfortable and easy to wear!

Safety glasses no longer need to be unsightly, cumbersome glasses as they can be made using the same styles and technologies as most modern frames. Our Cat Safety Eyewear Range is a great example – they’re as stylish as our normal Cat glasses range for leisure wear, with the added benefit of having safety lenses and safety side-shields for maximum protection.

As a frame is only as good as its fit and no two faces are alike, Cat frames are ergonomically designed to flex-fit your individual facial shape. Temple lengths and angles can be individually adjusted and flexible nose-pads are included to ensure the best possible fit.

Specialist Suppliers of Prescription Safety Glasses

All of our safety eyewear can be supplied with either standard plastic or polycarbonate single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses for your convenience cost from as little as £99.

Safety Eyewear Lenses

Safety lenses come in a variety of materials depending on the environment they are to be used in. The most common material is Polycarbonate – an incredibly strong plastic which provides maximum impact protection. Lenses are also available in standard plastic for less dangerous environments or high strength glass, particularly for use with dangerous chemicals. All of our safety glasses come complete with a tough anti-scratch coating to help prevent them from damage and extend the useful life of the glasses.

We can replace damaged safety glasses – we can’t replace your sight – so why take the risk?

If you need to provide your employees with safety eyewear why not visit our Corporate Eyewear section or contact us for more information on how we can help!