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Sports Eyewear

The secret to a better sporting performance is maximising your vision

When it comes to your favourite sport or activity, we know that you want to be the best you can. You can invest in the best equipment to help reach “the next level” but have you ever considered how much your eyesight affects your performance? With significant experience in helping sportspeople improve their performance through choosing the right eyewear, we’d be delighted to give you advice on making the right choice for your sports eyewear.

Adidas Performance Sports Sunglasses

Our range of Adidas Sports Performance Sunglasses uses unique tints, filters and coatings in order to maximise visual performance, e.g. to help you read a green or pick out a golf ball on the fairway or to help prevent your ski-goggles from misting up.

They’re the ideal solution for several outdoor sports activities: golf, cricket, water-sports, running, cycling, skiing… and can be customised to give you the perfect visual solution whether you usually wear glasses or not.

At Eglinton Eyecare we supply a great range of sports eyewear to suit all budgets, and if we don’t have the perfect solution in stock we can order for you. Even if we do not usually stock the range of sports eyewear that you would prefer, we will do our best to source it for you. All you have to do is bring us the details.

Protect your eyes

Did you know that 14% of all eye injuries are caused by unprotected players in sport and that up to 90% of these are preventable? It’s also worth noting that many supposed “sports” glasses do not meet industry safety standards for protective eyewear – just think is it worth putting your own, or your opponent’s sight at risk for the sake of fashion?

Our Adidas Sports Performance Eyewear is fitted with polycarbonate lenses, which is the material mostly recommended for safety glasses.

We also fit and supply Hilco’s full range of safety-accredited sports eyewear for both adults and children. All frames are specifically designed to give a wide field of view, providing the wearer with maximum comfort and protection and are available with or without prescription.

Adjustable temples, soft bridges and the ability to wear with or without a strap make these a great option for any aspiring sports enthusiast, just call in and speak to a member of our specialist team who will guide you through your options.