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Polarised Lenses

Glare, get rid of it

Glare can be really disturbing: glare from the sand or light-coloured pavements/surfaces, sunlight reflecting off the water, snow or off the wet road when you’re driving, glare from a book if you’re reading in the sun etc. This glare (reflected light) can be reduced greatly with polarised lenses. Glare is annoying and uncomfortable, but it can actually become blinding and dangerous at times, as can be the case when you’re driving into the sun or skiing down a steep slope.

Ordinary tinted sunglass lenses will cut down on the amount of light that reaches your eyes, but they can’t block glare. Only polarised lenses can block out dangerous, blinding glare. They ‘filter’ light, keeping out distracting glare whilst letting perfect true images through, giving you enhanced clarity and much safer vision. Due to this filter, the lenses don’t need to be tinted as dark as ordinary sunglasses, making them perfect for wearing in the variable weather conditions of Ireland where it can be blinding sunlight one minute but dull and overcast the next.

Most of our prescription and non-prescription sunglasses are available with polarised lenses. Once you’ve experienced the clarity of a polarised lens we can almost guarantee that, given the choice, you’ll never revert back to a ‘normal’ sunglass lens, they really are that good. See for yourself in the pictures below.

Call into the practice and we’ll be delighted to demonstrate the power of polarized lenses to you!