Does Your Child Struggle with Reading?

Often, this can be due to a problem with their vision. Many children suffer with problems of discomfort and disturbance of text when they read.

In order to offer the very best in visual solutions to children and adults with reading difficulties, our Owner/Optometrist, Jean Kelly, gained a further qualification in Schoolvision in 2012. She was the first optometrist in Northern Ireland to achieve this recognised qualification. Since then we have seen first-hand the difference it has made to several children’s reading fluency and learning.

Our Schoolvision assessments examine the way your eyes work together as you read; in particular the relationship between vision and dyslexia. Although the name indicates that the programme is specific to children it is also fully adaptable to adults with dyslexia or who struggle with reading. The in-depth reading tests and binocular vision analysis establish whether your child could benefit from therapeutic lenses to read.

When you read, just one dominant eye should take over the job of aiming at the words. But if both eyes try to do this job, the words and letters will appear to shift out of order sending confused messages to your brain which can cause difficulties in reading and spelling. If this takes place while a child is learning to read the effect on their confidence, enjoyment of reading and often behaviour can be profound.

Typically, our Schoolvision patients will be assessed every 4-12 weeks over the first few months and at least 6-monthly on-going. There is a strong possibility that the lens type/strength will need more regular changes than usual as your child’s eyes change as a result of the therapeutic lenses.

As these on-going appointments are privately funded we’ve established an Eyeplan scheme for all Schoolvision patients to help reduce costs. Any on-going consultation fees are included in a small monthly direct debit of £10, making the programme accessible to all.

We give our schoolvision patients who join Eyeplan 30% discount on glasses for as long as they require the specialist lenses.

For more information on Schoolvision or to book an appointment, enter your details here and we’ll be in touch.