What our Schoolvision Patients Say

“The improvement was almost immediate. Her reading speed has improved and she now doesn’t jump over the words or miss out lines completely.

Her handwriting has improved and her confidence in reading aloud and spelling has been amazing. Where I struggled to get her homework done, we now have enthusiasm and she doesn’t need as much help with it as she did before.”

Ellen’s mum

“It has built up my confidence in reading and I can read for longer. I have also moved up a spelling group, amazing!”

Owen, pupil

“The assessment had given me a better understanding of the difficulties he is having and given me strategies to support his learning.”

Owen’s mum

“Since having a Schoolvision Assessment and getting his new tinted glasses, Aaron’s confidence has grown immensely.

I didn’t realise that the words moved on the page for him and thought he was trying to avoid reading and completing his homework. Homework used to be fraught with tears and frustration but now he reads confidently and more speedily. He completes his homework with minimal help and is starting to read books independently…for FUN!!!

The tinted glasses have never been a problem in class…. pupils seem to accept them. The colour is so subtle that it doesn’t seem to be noticeable for other children.

Thank you to all the Eglington eyecare team for all their help and making this process easy for us. My only wish is I had sought their help sooner to make life a little easier! Kind regards.”

Sarah Jack (Aaron’s mummy)