COVID-19 Q&A Resource Centre

Are you open?

We are here to help. Our front door is currently closed but we are just a telephone call away to help and support you with any eye care, eye wear or vision needs that you may have in any way we can.

Can coronavirus damage my eyes?

It is not thought that COVID-19 will damage your eyes. Very rarely, conjunctivitis may manifest as the first sign of COVID-19. Whilst the ocular symptoms are usually self-limiting, affected patients are advised to seek medical advice if they develop any severe eye pain, sensitivity to light or symptoms such as high fever, coughing or difficulty in breathing. If you have any issues or worries about your eyes specifically then please call us.

Can I get my eyes tested?

Currently all routine eye care is suspended. Now is not a good time for you to have a routine eye examination. If you think you need an eye test for any reason, then please call us and we will help in any way that we can.

My eye test is due now what will happen?

All routine eye tests are currently suspended, so if you are due an eye examination we’ll be in touch with you after lockdown when it is deemed safe to do so. Hopefully the delay won’t be more than a few weeks for most of our patients.

What do I do if I have a problem with my vision?

If you have any issues with your vision, please call us straight away to discuss it further. We’ll initially carry out a telephone or video consultation with you, and if necessary we’ll being you into the practice for further examination. Face-to-face examinations are limited to patients who have new problems with their vision whereby a delay in examination may result in loss of sight, e.g. sudden loss of vision or blurred vision, new pain, red eye, new flashes/floaters, trauma to your eye etc.

My glasses have broken what should I do?

We are still in a position to repair or replace any glasses that might be damaged. Simply give us a call and we will arrange to get them repaired for you. Feel free to pop your broken glasses into an envelope with your name and number and drop them into our letterbox on the front of our building. We’ll pick these up when we’re here (Tues-Sat) and repair them as soon as we can.

Is it safe to wear contact lenses?

It is believed that it is perfectly safe to wear contact lenses during the current situation as long as you follow the correct hygiene procedures provided by us. If you feel unwell it is good advice to stop wearing lenses until you feel better again.

Can I still get contact lenses?

Yes, we can supply contact lenses throughout the lockdown situation. We can deliver these direct to your home.

What if I am due a contact lens care check-up?

If you are due a contact lens care check-up then this is considered to be a routine appointment and as such currently you will not need to attend. We can agree to defer your routine appointment until it is safe to see you. This will not affect your supply of contact lenses. We will be able to continue to supply them until it’s safe to see you again.

What if I need to get solutions/supplements/eye drops or similar?

We are still able to supply all the eye related products that we have always stocked. Simply telephone us and we can take payment over the phone and arrange home delivery for you if you wish.

I am considered highly vulnerable and I have a vision problem what should I do?

The simple answer is call us. We are here to help we will discuss your issues on the phone and agree the best way forward. There are many things that we can do that will not require face to face contact and this will always be our preferred method of consultation during lockdown.

Is it safe to wear glasses currently?

Yes, it is completely safe to wear your glasses. They will however need regular cleaning and just like any other solid object as it is believed that COVID-19 can survive for possibly days. Simply clean your glasses regularly using soap and water just like how you clean your hands.

How will it be safe to have an eye test in the future?

We are working very closely with the HSCB and our regulatory bodies to get back to providing high quality routine eye care as quickly as possible. This is likely to include a strict cleaning and sanitisation regime combined with a higher level of personal protection equipment and a complete review of every process and stage of your visit. It is highly likely that we will need to make some changes both to the layout of the practice and to the eye examination itself to ensure your complete safety. As soon as we’ve established this new method, we will let you know.

I have a hospital appointment about my eyes. Do I still attend?

All hospital departments have reduced or stopped outpatient appointments and as such it is advised that you confirm any appointment will still be taking place before you visit. If you’re unsure or want more advice simply give us a call.

When are you going to open for regular eye testing again?

The simple answer is that we don’t know yet. We are working very closely with the HSCB and our regulatory bodies to ensure that we are currently doing what is required to save lives and protect our NHS. We are also aware of the importance of regular eye examinations and as such we are working as hard as we can towards establishing a safe environment to get back to doing what we love.

Any further questions?

Please call us on 028 71814991, we’re here to help and are only a phone call away.

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