Eye Examination

On the day of your eye examination you should allow around 40 minutes for your appointment as well as some time for us to give you advice on the options available to best correct your visual needs. We intentionally allow plenty of time for your eye examination so that our Optometrist has the time required to perform a thorough, extensive examination of your eyes and to understand your eyecare needs, while tailoring the examination to you.

Everyone’s lifestyle is different and our Optometrist will take the time to make sure that your Eye Examination is perfect for you. We don’t offer a “quick Eye Test” – we believe that your eyes are your most important sense and we’re here to help you to look after them! Importantly, we make sure that you understand any vision corrections that may be prescribed and also any more serious conditions that may be detected.

To help you to understand how your eyes are developing we have the facility of showing you custom made animations with our Captiv8 programme. You can view these in the practice and we’re also able to email these animations to you to view later at home.

During your Eye Examination we always recommend Retinal Photography to fully assess the health of the inside of your eye. This improves the way we detect and monitor several eye and health conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration
  • Raised intracranial pressure

During your eye exam, if you would like any information on your suitability for contact lenses our Optometrist would be delighted to discuss your options with you.

In addition to our comprehensive conventional eye examinations, Jean is one of only a few Optometrists in Northern Ireland with a Schoolvision qualification, providing a therapeutic solution to the difficulties associated with dyslexia and reading difficulties. A schoolvision assessment is specifically to assess and improve reading capabilities through glasses designed with specific strengths, tints and muscle-balancing lenses.

For those requiring an eye exam for employment, we can provide detailed vision reports for your employer or educational institution if required and can advise on the best possible solutions for your corporate and safety eyewear. Should you need a colour vision assessment for your employer/training course or a fields test carried out we can also perform these tests for you.

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