Children and Sunglasses

It’s great to encourage your children to spend time outdoors, but have you ever considered how protected their eyes are from the sun’s harmful UV rays? Remembering to douse them in sun cream to protecting their delicate skin is essential, but how often has your child been outside without any protection for their most important sense – their sight?

Do children need sunglasses?

Absolutely! It’s estimated that a child’s annual dose of UV radiation is at least 3 times more than adults and that 80% of their lifetime UV exposure happens before they are 18! Children are particularly vulnerable to UV damage in their eyes, and even more at risk than adults because:

  • They spend a lot more time outdoors than adults, increasing their UV exposure
  • They tend to have larger pupils, which allow more light into their eyes
  • The lenses of their eyes are more transparent, allowing more UV rays through
  • UV damage builds up over time and is non-reversible

What damage can UV rays do to our children’s eyes?

  • Long-term UV damage includes cataracts, macular degeneration and pterygium (growth of scar tissue and blood vessels over the sun exposed surface of the eye)
  • Short-term UV damage can cause painful “sun-burn” on the front surface of your eyes.

We Cater for Children

At Eglinton Eyecare we take your child’s health seriously. We source a great range of Children’s sunglasses, for babies right through to teenagers, all of which provide complete UV protection. Our children’s sunglasses come in a wide variety of fun colours. The flexible materials help them stand up to the rough-and-tumble of growing up! Why not call in today to view our range? If your child wears glasses we can incorporate their prescription into their sunglasses to ensure they don’t miss out on the action! Children’s sunglasses are also available with polarised lenses so you can be sure that your child experiences the same level of great comfort that you do.

Top Tips for Your Children’s Sunglasses?

  • Always make sure your child’s sunglasses carry a “CE Mark” and that it states the level of protection.
  • Always make sure the lenses are dark enough to actually provide comfort.
  • Don’t buy poor quality, replica sunglasses (especially on holidays!), these can actually do more harm than good, as the tint causes the pupil to open and let more of the harmful UV rays in whilst providing no protection!
  • Encourage children to wear sunglasses from a young age – the benefits and the habit will last a lifetime!
  • Encourage children to wear sunglasses in the bright winter sun as harmful UV light is present all year round!